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TEDx Pasadena City College

In May of 2021, I was invited to speak virtually at the TEDx Pasadena City College Conference. There I shared my experience with being a social entrepreneur and see the results of my work firsthand when teaching students. I also discuss how Robotics for All expanded to reach not only more students but also more volunteers. 

TEDx Gunn High School

In January of 2020 I was among 10 speakers at the TEDx Gunn High School conference. There I spoke to hundreds of high school students and teachers about how volunteering led me to find my passions and inspired me to pursue social entrepreneurship. I also spoke about my experience starting and leading Robotics for All. 

University of Heidelberg

I was invited in October of 2019 to speak at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. I spoke at their Jugend Hackt Youth Hackathon to students ages 12-18 years old. I addressed the students about how I started Robotics for All and the important skills I have learned along the way, including embracing failure and collaborating with others to form a strong team.

BEAM Teen Entrepreneurship Conference

I was the keynote speaker at the BEAM (Business, Entrepreneurship, and Math) Conference Summit at the SAP Center in March of 2019. Speaking to over 250 attendees I told them my story as a teen entrepreneur. Through my speech I hoped to inspire all the attendees to follow their passions and become the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

NGN Global Nations Challenge

At the 2019 NGN (Next Generation Nations) Global Challenges Competition, Garrett Tieng, Vice President and COO of Robotics for All, and I gave a pitch for Robotics for All. Together we won second place and were award $1,500 for the company.

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