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Learning and growing.

At Georgetown I am double majoring in Business and Global Affairs and working on a minor in Computer Science at the same time. I actively participate in many activities that enrich my educational experience and help me make connections with my peers. This semester I am a teaching assistant for Introduction to Computer Science. Currently, I am involved with Blue & Grey Tour Guide Society, Georgetown Marketing Association, and several other school clubs. These clubs cover a broad spectrum of interests and have given me a window into different professional sectors. They have also enabled me to connect with like-minded students.

January 2019 DECA.jpeg

Garrett Tieng (left) and I (right) in 2019 at a DECA Conference.


Aug 2021-Present

Co-Director of Development

Sep 2021-Present

Account Manager

Manage a group of 4-6 creative team members and marketing strategists, communicating with the client to ensure semester goals are met. In Fall 2021, led 6 consultants through an engagement to increase student traffic at Angolo Ristorante by implementing a 10% discount to Georgetown students and a revamped social media strategy, culminating in a 5x follower increase and 3x engagement increase. In Spring 2022, led 7 consultants through an engagement to enhance a startup’s marketing strategy, by analyzing the $9B composting market, creating a new logo and website, and revamping social media practices, leading to a 2x social media engagement increase.

March 2022- Present

Director of Tour Quality

I ensure that Blue and Gray's over 100 guides are giving engaging and informative tours to Georgetown University's 55,000 annual visitors. I oversee the tour quality committee of 10-20 guides who regularly shadow tours and provide feedback on guides. I contribute to board discussions, leading and setting the direction of the Blue and Gray tour guide association.

I co-manage development and client outreach efforts of this student-run pro-bono nonprofit consulting organization. I lead a team of 20-30 research and development specialists to search for new nonprofit clients for the next school year, plan professional development events and manage relationships with past nonprofit clients.

Feb 2021-Sep 2021

Marketing Strategist

I worked as a marketing strategist for Cafe Georgetown, a student-run pro-bono marketing agency, to provide recommendations on how to improve brand recognition and awareness among potential customers.

Oct 2021- Present

Tour Quality Committee Member

As a selected member, I ensure the quality of tours given through shadowing campus tours and providing feedback on the content and presentation skills of the tour guide.

Aug 2021- Present

Project Manager

As the project manager, I lead a team of six nonprofit consultants working with the Prevention of Blindness Society of Washington DC to boost donations and general marketing of the nonprofit. We organized a one-day fundraising event at Prevention of Blindness Society's Thrift Shop that saw a 61% increase in net sales compared to the average Saturday sales

Feb 2021- Present

Campus Tour Guide

I was selected as a tour guide for Blue & Gray, one of the most competitive student organizations on campus. I plan to start leading campus tours upon return to in-person instruction in the fall. 

Feb 2021-Aug 2021

Nonprofit Consultant

I served as a pro-bono nonprofit consultant for Feed-it-Forward through DCivitas, working on its mobile website and newsletter templates.


Jan 2022-Present

Computer Science Teacher's Assistant

Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 teaching assistant for Introduction to Computer Science C++ courses (COSC 051 and COSC 052) under Professor Jami Montgomery. Host weekly office hours, grade assignments and answer emails from the 90 students enrolled in Professor Montgomery's courses.


Sep 2020- May 2021

Coordinations Team Member

Plan-It Earth is an annual two-day sustainability idea-a-thon. I participated in the coordination team which planned for the event starting six months in advance.


Feb 2021- Jun 2021

Junior Analyst

I utilized qualitative and quantitative techniques and methodologies for financial modeling and corporate equity valuation, including discounted cash flow, comparable company analysis, excess return, and regression analysis.

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