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Meet Max

A little about me.

I'm a rising sophomore at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business, where I am double majoring in Business and Global Affairs while completing a computer science minor. 

At the moment, I am the Head of Growth at Robotics for All, the nonprofit I founded, providing STEM education to students of all backgrounds. Growing up in the Bay Area where technology was so prominent, I did not see the severe education gap until I started to volunteer at organizations like Reading Partners and YMCA. I learned about the lack of educational resources, especially in STEM fields, many underserved communities faced. Since being founded in 2017, Robotics for All classes has reached over 2,000 students nationwide.

During Summer 2021 I was an intern at t steps, a startup connecting professionals in the technology community. Currently, I am a part of Playnovate, a STEAM education startup, as an intern. In the summer of 2022, I will be interning at Savi, a social impact startup, helping with student loans.

I am also an active member of my school community. I am a part of Georgetown’s Marketing Association, Blue & Gray Tour Guide Society, and DCivitas. Within these organizations, I do a variety of tasks including, providing recommendations on how to improve brand recognition and social media presence, running campus tours, and giving feedback to new tour guides, as well as leading consultants to boost donations and awareness for other nonprofits, respectively.

Outside of work and school I am an avid biker and enjoy traveling. 

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