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November 2020 Palo Alto.heic

Maximilian Goetz

Social Entrepreneur, Undergraduate Student, Avid Biker.

Maximilian Goetz

I am an aspiring social entrepreneur and business executive, with the shorter term goal of becoming a management consultant. I am a rising junior at Georgetown University, where I am majoring in Business and Global Affairs and minoring in Computer Science and Chinese. Starting from high school, I built the nonprofit Robotics For All from the ground up, teaching its first classes and eventually expanding it into a nationwide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has reached thousands of students with both in-person and virtual classes. At Georgetown, I am involved in a variety of activities, including serving as Director of Tour Quality for Blue and Gray Tour Guide Association, Co-Director of Development for DCivitas Consulting, Project Manager for Georgetown Marketing Association and Computer Science Teacher's Assistant. Outside of Georgetown, I have interned as a marketing, business development or sales intern for many companies. In my free time, I am an avid aviation geek, enjoy photography and recreational biking.



A mix of nonprofit, educational, and business roles have shaped my professional side, teaching me valuable leadership, communication, and technical skills. 


Attending Georgetown, being a 2 time TEDx speaker, and serving as a legislative aide has given me invaluable experience in a variety of fields. This has helped me grow and will continue to do so on my lifelong journey.


Through serving my community I found the value of giving back. Starting my own non-profit in high school has given me the opportunity to give back and find others as passionate as I am to join in.


The power of words.

Through speaking at TEDx events and being interviewed by media outlets I can express my passions to a larger audience. I have been able to increase the visibility of my non-profit, spread awareness of the importance of volunteerism and social entrepreneurship. Using my voice I hope to inspire others to take action and create change.

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